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Having Problems and Need Solutions? ................We are Independent Diagnostic Troubleshooters for Todays High Technology Environments!...... Serving Clients Worldwide With Professional Quality Services Since 1984 - ........    Power Lines Talk - We Listen and Translate........   Telco, Telcom, Financial, Business, HealthCare, Industry, Governments, Military     We Offer Free Power Monitoring for 30 Days if you become a new Client!

Power Quality, Variable Frequency Drive Problems, Power Line Emergency Backup Systems, Power Line Monitoring, Testing, Power Surveys, Power Audits, Lightning / Surge Protection & Design, Electrical Contractor Checks, NEC, OSHA, Fed, State Compliance, Site Hardening, Computer Room Reliability, Facility / Site Hardening & Design, Product Design Issues, Investigations - Solutions - Recommendations and Follow-up.   

In short, we offer a wide range of in depth electronic / electrical troubleshooting skills and equipment capability to investigate almost any problem for any company, business or governmental entity anywhere in the world.

Our Consultants have latest OSHA compliant (NFPA 70-E) safety equipment and can rate your electrical panels for ARC Flash Compliance.

Need a Full Service Power, Grounding & Environmental Consulting Firm to find those Complex Problems you can’t find?  If you are looking for someone to assist you in finding solutions to fix your problems wouldn't it be wise to get the one person or company with the widest range of skills to go in any direction the problem may take you? 

Our services include a three day look at your issues using a variety of high technology power line analyzers from among the best available full disclosure Cat III, Cat IV 600v and 1000v equipment.  These include looking for transients, sags and surges on all currents and voltages on each phase neutral and ground to international standards.  Our consultants install and use these according to NFPA 70E with appropriate safety PPE. 

Additionally, we can investigate from 5 amps at 120vac up to 600 vac at 6000 amp (50 & 60 HZ) distribution switchgear with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and can monitor critical power without a power shutdown.  We use safety fusing techniques on monitoring equipment test leads to avoid problems and accidents.

We can monitor 400 HZ up to 600 volts on shipboard, locomotives, or aircraft.

We use very sensitive instruments to look for currents on the grounding of your equipment also as a normal part of an engagement for a client.  Additional environmental factors include magnetic and electric fields that might influence or upset equipment, temperature and humidity or the psychometrics.

Custom Field Investigations for product failures or In our lab or yours, we can find solutions to your problems.  We are not shy of accepting the most difficult assignments except worn torn areas (more cost) or towers (Sub-contractors) - this helps us stay fresh and active in many environments and better for our next Client. 

What's even better? Our normal end of job report is included Free - including an additional power monitoring report if we monitor power during our visit!  Additional reports are based on time and expense.

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Our Clients Have Included:

Non-Stop Critical Mission Businesses and Industrial Processes, Information Technology / IT / MIS Systems, Independent Telephone Company's, Cellular Sites, Hospital’s, Critical Care Facilities, Stock Exchanges,  Commodity Exchanges, Manufacturers, Field Service Organizations, Military Bases, Governments, Electrical Contractors, Oil Refineries, Graineries, Explosives Magazines, Petroleum / Petrochemical Facilities, Gas Industry, Point Of Sale Systems, Gas Separation Facilities, Diagnostic Imaging (CT - MRI - Lith, Mobile & Fixed Site) Operators and Manufacturers, Refineries, Data Centers, Surge Protection Manufacturers, Broadband Communications Equipment Manufacturers, Prestigious (Ivy League) US University's Electrical Engineering Laboratory for cyrogenic microelectronic research, Banks, Worlds Largest PC / Business Printer Manufacturer, Digital Earth Link Satellite Studios, Boeing Aircraft Systems Manufacturers, Military Air Ground Combat Center.

        • Just a Basic "Short" Consulting trip... or enough equipment capability to fill an SUV for "In-depth" investigational trips.


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